experimental systems

There are a number of experimental systems I'm really wanting to dig into more lately. Some for real reasons, others just are pursuits to find meaning in my life

  • Good filesystems (remote/distributed/encrypted, SSHFS, IPFS, ZFS et al)
  • Miniature Linux distros
    • I want to basically make my own.
    • I'm tired of even using dotfiles to re-execute the necessary steps. This often falls out of date.
  • TempleOS and its language HolyC.
    • It's an operating system that allows you to talk to God, I figure it's pretty good.
    • HolyC has interesting features. Modern languages have added features like binary image contents to their sources files that HolyC has had for years, mufuggers.
  • Working incantations of Plan 9
  • Any quantum simulator or service emulating a quantum computer
  • Application of BSDs to ML and ETL (ETML a thing?) (my use of them is experimental)
    • security larger concern over time
    • data segragation through BSD jails
    • BSD jails vs. Docker instances I'm sure is a debate right now
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